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Avalon – Revisited 1993-2001 [PJ26]

Revisited 1993-2001: a collection of unreleased tracks recorded between 1993 and 2001 by Avalon a.k.a. Purejunk, then signed to leading Brussels indie label Crammed Discs (SSR Records, Freezone).

These raw unprocessed tracks have been lifted straight from DAT tape in an effort to bring back to life the sound that was Avalon. Once described in VOX Magazine as “the ideal marriage of fuck-off BPMs with Ambient… it is rich Trance City Techno with chillingly perfect vocal lines and thorough dance beats… strong elements of House through the ages are sweetly re-defined in these bold sounds… verging on the edge of pop, here’s one whizz kid completely at ease with his grooves”, the Avalon sound still resonates in today’s cluttered electronic music scene.

Admittedly, most of these recordings were never meant to be released and have a distinct demo quality about them: recording techniques were much more basic as they are nowadays, and sounds and styles have evolved, however, these tunes still have the merit of being revisited even if at the least in an exercise to document the recording history and evolution of the artist.

Released on our sister label PJ MASTERING.




XstaR – Endless Melodies [PJ14]

Up to 1st spot in the singles trance chart on Juno! bit.ly/Lxo5FZ

Check out the great little review Juno has given it:

XstaR releases his track ‘Endless Melodies’ on Belgian imprint ‘PJ Records’. If you are looking for a track to end your sunset party with, this might just be the one. Techy rhythmical elements are juxtaposed with serene vocals and pads that lull you into a hypnotic groove. Sit back, sip a beer and watch the sun come down.

Get it here: http://www.junodownload.com/products/endless-melodies/1997960-02

Available on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/be/album/endless-melodies-single/id539110011

Release/catalogue number: PJ14